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What happened when I got STUCK!


Hi Everyone, I hope your all well!

I’m going to jump straight into this post, it’s about what’s been happening in my life even though I’ve hit the breaks hard and been semi distracted.

Affiliate marketing has not left my mind at all in this time, it’s merely been pushed to one side while I’ve been focusing and working in aesthetics. For once I’m happy in my job and I can see a future I didn’t have before.  These are my Pros (I work more I earn more, it’s easy work) Now this is great but I know I still want more and this is why I’m here learning something new.

My current pain is TIME! who else can relate to that? I am working fulltime I’m juggling house wife duties and this is not an excuse for me to slack, but I have less time.

I heard something interesting today that I wanted to share…..”There is no work life balance, I work now to earn more and gain freedom when I’m older in my 50’s”.  This made me laugh and I thought for a second what the bloody hell am I working for. This comment HIT ME because I work hard to gain more money so I can live and do the things I want to do but I’m actually losing time, my balance is not perfect! All of this equated to getting stuck and down I felt I was not progressing enough. I felt angry and I was hard on myself for not having enough time or energy to juggle everything that was going on so I paused everything that I was meant to be doing!

Now I don’t regret pausing everything because I saw results which shocked me earlier today. When I checked my account I had leads to follow up with my email sequence, Yes I wish I had checked it sooner but the most important thing I took from this experience was the fact I had leads! My next thought made me open my eyes because I didn’t have to do a lot to acquire those leads.

Leads = Prospects (This came from my blog from documenting my journey and giving value and insight) Which = My Know like and trust! Can you see a pattern occurring here? Something so easy yet so powerful.

My plan of action: I know I get 2 days off a week so this means I’m knuckling down and using one day to start with…to get sh*t done.

I’m going to be focusing on building traffic, optimising my platforms on WordPress, Facebook and Builderall and I’ll be sharing this with you all soon.  I’m working hard to learn more and create time but more importantly I’ve learnt to ask for help, this has been key to helping become unstuck. I’ve attended my coaching calls today and learnt so much extra from doing this, the support I get from the team when I ASKED is incredible. I feel I can safely say in my opinion there is no other TEAM like InternetProfits. Click the link if you want to become a certified partner.

Todays post is to show you and prove that IF I CAN YOU CAN TOO have an online business that works even when you do less (so to speak)

Thankyou for reading my most recent update on my journey, I hope this helps you in some way even If it makes you feel less alone through hearing my pains and struggles which I’m sure we all share in one way or another. The main lesson for me has been asking for help and trying to get that balance which I’ve found today as I prioritize like this:

  1. Make a list of 1-5 things that your going to do In your business today.
  2. Prioritize in an order of how important is it that you get this done now.
  3. Focus on one task at a time (once completed move on to the next!)
  4. Anything that you can’t get done goes on your next list for a new day
  5. Don’t overthink it just do your best and keep being consistent, if you need help ASK!

Using this method I have focused on many tasks today since 8.30am-19.37pm.

So finally peace out & have a great evening!

Feel free to leave a comment

All the BEST!




  1. Great post, Shannon. Setting aside time and being strick with yourself is highly important, especially when people are working full time.

    We have to treat our side line business like our second job and get stuck in.

    All the best.


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