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Time for a quick update!


Hi everyone! I hope your all doing well, Thanks for following my journey so far!

I’m just going to jump right into everything that has been happening as there has been a few changes in these past weeks. I have been challenged and confused by my circumstances. It can sometimes feels very hard when you know your life and path needs to change and it definitely doesn’t help when your unsure on how right?

I have recently resigned from my past dead end job (by the way this was an amazing moment for me) I finally didn’t feel trapped or lost! I believe a lot in energy and I try and listen to my intuition as much as possible and WOW how things have changed for me. I am now in a new better position (working smart) doing more hours which results in more money, plus I have the opportunity to progress further and gain that promotion that I want.

It’s the little things that count

This small change of me saying YES to something new and exciting was the moment everything started to change. I have never had so much energy and excitement in my job, I’m sharing this with you today so you can learn a little bit more about what makes me tick!

I’ve left my past as a beauty therapist behind me, this may be something I revisit in my future for another business but right now it’s not on my radar. I’m currently wanting more for myself and success, I am a full-time Aesthetic Therapist and a part-time Affiliate Marketer and (a part-time Housewife). It’s safe to say I have a lot going on in my life but I love it, more to the point I work for it!


I am a very driven young lady, I’m currently 26 and I feel this is my time to really make it MINE! I’m stepping out of my comfort zones and taking on opportunities that will let me shine bright, get me recognised for all my efforts.

The key:

You have to put the time in to make it work and there are days when I can’t always juggle everything, and you know what…..that’s okay! It’s important not to kick yourself to hard when you have an off day. I speak from the heart when I say not everything can be PERFECT. (I know we all aim for it to be but this is not always possible)
On a good day I get sh*t done! On a bad day I have to choose how much I can physically accomplish.

What am I working on?

Right now I am working on being more accountable for my time, today is my day off and I am sitting at my desk working and learning while its pretty nice outside (It’s super hot like 35*) I’m using my time wisely. Now the trick to this is using a weekly planner to work out when is best for you to work on your business.

When can you put time in? & How much time can you put in?

Ask yourself this and find out what your answer is, make a note of it or write it down on a planner or calendar just so you can start moving forward.  Make sure you do your best to follow it, (Today for me is going to be a long day!)
I have been so busy within my new job that I haven’t done enough for my own business. This is me being as real as I can I am loving every second of my new job and I admit it is demanding and I haven’t been as accountable for my hours this last week as I would of liked. To resolve my problem I have made a plan that I feel I can stick to, as well as using sticky notes to enforce the right mindset, these will be placed around my work space.

I like to have fun with my business so if this means writing things down I’ll do it! See my laptops current state below. 

You can see a FEW things that live around or on my desk! That’s just me each to their own.

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of what I’m currently now sat doing before work (holding myself more accountable)

Next job is to take the bengas outside (My fur-babies)

My plan today is 30 minutes this morning and then an 1 hour later after I return from work. I will be doing this each day! This is the start of my 30 day plan. 

Thanks for being part of my journey so far!

All the best have a great day & take action!




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