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The Start Of My Journey


Hello, welcome to my first post!

I’m going to jump straight in with the Nitty Gritty of why I am here!

My main reason WHY is because I want to create a better life for myself and my family. I’m sharing an image of myself and my hubby to be. This is me planning for my future FAMILY (this was taken on a previous holiday in turkey)

My dream is to be able to work from home so that I can provide and enjoy my life to its fullest. I want to have all the quality time in the world that I can possible have without being tied to a dead end job.

My dream and goal is to have more stability. I am at this point in my life where I now value my time and I choose to spend a large portion of this with my family.

I have realised the importance of time and how precious it is to me and I never plan to forget this! Even now I will still say to my closest friends “time is money” value it and know your worth!

My first wake up call was this, this didn’t hit me until I heard it. “Why work to make someone else’s dream when you could be making your own” if you take a moment to think about it and let it sink in this might just have the same effect on you.

I have over worked to earn my monthly wage and I’ve worked several jobs at once. Right now I don’t rate either it’s just a means to paying the bills. Since a young age I have worked to earn a capped monthly wage for my said role, job. It is not until now that my views change.

I’ve climbed that job ladder but its just not cutting it for me anymore. Why would anyone want to be capped when you could be limitless.

My dreams and desires are just the tip of my overall WHY! The root of it goes a lot deeper. I see this journey as a chance for me to take control of everything in my life that I’m not 100% happy with and change it.

My plan is to reclaim my power that has been dulled down by society’s standards, to free myself from being trapped within a dead end job.

The path I was on wasn’t giving me enough freedom or independence, I ended up job hopping just to progress up because I just wasn’t finding the opportunities I needed or wanted. These are some of my pains that might relate to you right now.

Now I am here It’s like I’ve opened my eyes and my only thought is why did I not do this sooner!

At the age of 26 I have taken the jump to invest myself into this program, I feel it’s important to say I never saw this coming my way it wasn’t even on my radar but something just clicked and I knew!

I am the youngest in the group that I am apart of, this itself is something that drives me and makes me think WOW! 

Becoming A Certified Partner

It all started with this book I wanted to get and my other half said I should just focus on finishing my other courses first. I could see his point of view but fast forward a week and I had ordered the Iceberg Effect Book and the Digital Business Formula.

I’d recommend checking it out as it’s a GAME CHANGER, I loved it and I was instantly hooked to learning everything about Marketing! I could relate to everything Dean Holland was saying.

There’s an audio available for the IceBerg effect and you receive this instantly after purchasing. I loved that I could download the audio, listen to it whilst waiting for the book to arrive.

In the mean time I started getting to work on the ten modules in the DBF. I studied and trained for several hours which quickly turned into most of the day, I did this in just five days purely because I had the time too, there is no need for you to rush I was just caught in the moment!

At the end of module TEN I was still thirsty for more and this is when I was offered a chance to speak to a member of the team. I was pretty excited by what I had learnt in such a short space of time and the fact I had this opportunity to find out more about the program.

I won’t give it all away I was accepted into the program. Hugely excited I got to work straight away on passing the modules and completing my test which means I am Officially a Certified Partner…..Wooo!

I am super excited about where this journey will take me, I love the new direction I’m going in and on a personal level I can’t wait to share my news with you all!

Something I’d like to share with you is to remember hard work and commitment = results and results = progress.

I am learning lots of new skills and methods which I am putting into place so that I can become a better Affiliate Marketer.

Have you ever felt like the actions you take just don’t pay off?

Do you want to take the right action?

Grab yourself a copy of this amazing book for FREE!

FREE ICEBERG EFFECT BOOK  just pay shipping

Keep your head up and your eyes focused, aim to take action everyday for everything you do in your life no matter how small or big, remember to give yourself daily gratitude for all of the things that you achieve.

Your call to action is to reach out if your feeling stuck or lost. You can ask me anything and I will do my upmost best to help you.

Remember to click on the link if you want to get your hands on this book, theirs no better time than now.

I will be posting throughout my journey of my highs and perhaps even my lows. Everything I learn will all be shared and posted here on my official site.

I wish everyone a great & positive day!

Feel free to share and comment

All the Best,




  1. Hey Shannon, congratulations on getting your blog up and running, and on your first post. Nice one.
    Nothing is more motivating than creating a better life for your loved one. LOVE IT.
    Keep up the great work. And I look forward to reading your future posts.


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