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Get Set!


Hi everyone, welcome to my get set post!

Now I’m aware some of you may already be past this stage and others may be right at the beginning of their journey so lets respect and support each other here.

I am going to share what I’ve been doing and why I have chosen to build my own adventure, This is how I got started!

I’ve been working through my Internet Profits Training Programme, as I got into this I needed to get my business brain into action and actively start thinking about how I wanted to brand my business. 

With a little prior knowledge I opted into branding myself and my name rather than a brand name.

The reason behind this is simple. I can control what I do and where I take my journey because it’s based on my experience and knowledge. Top tip- It’s easier to relate to a person rather than a brand name.

Now at first this was a little daunting I thought who will ever search my name and will it ever become big enough. It’s perfectly normal to have these doubts in the back your head. The most important part is to focus on what you can achieve when you stay in a positive mindset.

My next challenge was to find and create my own domain name. I searched and shopped around, I was recommended too Namecheap now this was a new site for me I didn’t really know much about them but they had the most competitive prices so if your new to this or your looking to add a domain to your collection I highly recommend taking a look here.  I got lucky and my name was available, because I live in the UK I brought the .co.uk and the .com options.

On the low down I feel it’s safe to say I had never imagined purchasing my own domain name before this journey started. There is something quite powerful, liberating about this and I feel it’s to do with the acknowledgement of taking action and stepping out and saying HEY I’m here!

Tips to help you pick a domain name:

  1. When picking your domain name pick something that is short, not too long as you want it to be clear and easy to remember and It needs to be professional.
  2. You can use a brand name or you’re own name to brand yourself, but you may have to get creative if you’re name is already taken.
  3. When picking your domain name look for the .com as this is the preferred method of choice as it is universally used and recognised. (this is considered the most desirable)
  4. What type of site is it going to be? think about how you plan to use it. eg. Blogging, Marketing, Selling Site.

I made the choice to brand myself and my name and this for me was a powerful move. By doing this it allows me to grow and develop my site further in the future and this gives me full control over deciding what I want to do and what direction I go in.

Deciding if I wanted to blog or not played a big part in my process of setting up. I choose the path to blogging because I knew this could generate and create more brand awareness, this could then later be leveraged as an asset.

I researched and learnt about different types of blogs and at first I referenced templates to get me use to writing styles. (Everything takes time to master) Once I got into the swing of planning how and where I wanted my content to be it became much easier to do. 

Another Important thing I learnt early on was to make the blog as easy to read as possible. This went against everything I’d naturally learnt in school from my English teacher’s paragraphs.

My next step was to decide on where I wanted my blog installed and setup. There is a lot of choice but when you’ve worked out what direction you want to go in finding the right platform becomes a lot easier because you know what you are looking for.

The key for me was having a platform that contained everything all in one place an umbrella effect so to speak. This makes life and work so much easier as you can control and manage all from one space, it’s super for newbies that are getting started and great for the more experienced business owners that desire more from a platform. 

Decide on what you want and make it happen! You may have different requirements and that’s absolutely fine just do what you feel is right for you.

I started out with the free trial and I quickly realised I had limited access to what I actually needed so I did have to purchase a plan sooner so that I could get to work creating my site.

On a high note this did save me from wasting time as I had to take action and follow my training programme.  The platform I use is Builderall! Since starting they have improved and upgraded many features and functions. (This is super exciting to be apart of a platform that is constantly growing and giving you back more) 

This is my comfort zone I have picked one of the biggest platforms because I know what it offers is valuable. 

I won’t lie if you’re totally new to all of this it will take some time to adjust and learn but once you do you’ll be rocking it just like me. When I first started using the platform my mind boggled, I had to build up my confidence and my knowledge and ask questions.

I can’t stress enough the importance of raising your hand and asking for help when your stuck. Luckily they have some great how to videos, blog posts if you get stuck along the way. I also had access to help from an amazing guy Glenn Shepherd or Glenn the wizard as we call him inside of our training programme.

Why I picked Builderall, It’s pretty much everything and more all in one place so what’s not to like? If you don’t believe me check out what they offer. I picked the Essential Plan as this allowed me to use WordPress and access many extras within the platform.

I recommend picking a plan that’s best suited for you’re individual needs, you can test the waters and let me know what you think.

To access your trial click here  because I want you to have the best life and journey that you can!

Feel free to like, share and comment.

Ps. I hope this information helps you on your journey to becoming the best you can be!

All the best,



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