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Finding your WHY


Hello and welcome I hope everyone is doing well.

This last year has been an emotional rollercoaster of events and national lockdowns, In the UK we are currently in another lockdown! I have had to learn and adapt my ways and really work on my mindset these past few months. I am blessed to have support behind me but the reality in life is you’re always going to have the doubters and the naysayers, it is crucial for your development that you distance yourself from these types of people and also you prove them wrong of course!

I have had to make cuts in my life to keep me focused and on the right path (MY PATH). I will not have anything or anyone try and throw me off it. My rule is simple if you can’t support me or judge me we just shouldn’t be talking period.

You might be wondering how did I achieve this determination and discipline?

Well within my post I have a little exercise to help you really get grounded and motivated so that you can drive yourself forward to success if you commit and stay focused.

Believing plays a big factor in how we handle life and challenges, before my journey began I had never acknowledged the fact that I have the potential to succeed in creating my dream life.

Everyone has potential it’s just finding out how you harness it and use it!

Today I am going to share a deeper outlook on my WHY so that you can understand how create your own. I would love for you to share this with me once you’ve completed it. Because I want to see you grow!

It’s Time to go deeper into finding YOUR WHY! That’s right I said it WHY. Your why is the key to your journey and it’s a powerful tool because you designed it and created it so it’s unique to you and only you.

I want you to answer this question and follow the process below but using your own answers to help you find your why.

(Be prepared it is going to get repetitive but you need to follow this through, include every detail you want)

Why do you want an online business? I want to have independence and stability, freedom.

Why? I want to have more quality time with my family.

Why? Ultimately I want to be able to replace my dead-end day job and work from home for myself.

Why? Because I don’t get paid enough to live my life to it’s fullest, I certainly don’t have the freedom or the time that I want and need. I want to live the best version of our life with my future hubby.

Why? I want more from my life I don’t want to have to worry about money or finances. I want security for my family!

Why? I want to make something of myself and I want to feel my own success, I want to pass this down to my future family that I envision having. (I know in my life I want a family business, I would love a big family, I get this from my nan)

Why? I want to provide for my parents so they can quit their jobs and be mortgage free. I want them to know how much I value them and love them for everything they have done. I want them to have a comfortable life/retirement where they can fully enjoy it without worry.

Why? Because I don’t want to EVER put my parents into a care home. I want to be able to help take care of them, provide private careers and support them till the end whilst they live in the granny annex on my future estate.

Why? Because I want to make them prouder then they already are. They deserve the world they have been by my side through the thick and thin times and I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me.

If your WHY doesn’t make you CRY it’s not your why.

You need to get deep and really go through the layers and emotions that are locked up inside of you to find your real why. It takes time to go through this process heck it could even take a few days or a week to complete. Just keep peeling back your layers until you find it.

Knowing your real WHY will be your driving motivation to success. I want to inspire you by sharing my own personal answers that I never thought I’d share because they make me cry and they hit me HARD!

If I’m having a bad day I’ll take a moment out to think about my WHY and I’ll use that to refuel me so that I show up and smash my day and whatever I need to do!

This process I have talked you through is actually something I have read within The IceBerg Effect Book, this written by my incredible mentor Dean Holland.

It’s an amazing book with so much value I highly recommend it, if you like what I’ve done in my post today I feel sure that you’ll love it just as much as I do. If you want to break through an be a successful affiliate marketer this book is for you!

I am giving away FREE copies of this book all you’ve got to do is pay for the shipping and it can be delivered to anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget your free copy of THE ICEBERG EFFECT

All the best,



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