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Don’t Over Think It


Hey, once again thanks for following my blog, I hope you are well! I am POWERING UP and going FULL SPEED AHEAD, I could not be anymore excited to share with you what I’ve learnt.

My key point for today is don’t over think it, YES I’ll be sharing some amazing tips that I have learnt! If you’re new to the world of blogging or haven’t quite mastered what your content is this is for YOU!

At the beginning of your journey the real fact is only a small percentage of people are going to see your blog. Don’t go getting too caught up on it as it takes time to learn the formatting of what makes a blog.

You only need to be one step ahead of someone to have the authority. Your content doesn’t actually need to be highly researched if you pick the right method.

If you are going to write and make content do it and stick to it consistently! The most important thing to remember is to make it valuable.

Don’t believe you can’t give value on your own experience and learnings. Convey your message not someone else’s. You don’t need to be an expert in it but you do need to be able to take action and be consistent.

If your being consistent within your business and doing it the right way there is no reason for you not to have content.

Have you ever wondered what you will create ?

Here are 2 options below to help you decide on your method, as always pick what’s best for you.

2 Types Of Content Creation:

  1. Create the content– You have to physically sit down and plan and create your content. Bring your energy if you pick this method because it’s the toughest! The idea for your content has to come from scratch you have to plan and research the subject and then write about. This method involves more upfront effort, if you like this that’s great but it’s not for everyone.
  2. Document the journey- This the easiest way to create content because you are documenting your journey, you are literally doing it so it doesn’t have to be created from scratch. It’s based on your experience and knowledge, your ups and downs whilst you go through the process. All You have to do is take action so that you have something to talk, write about.

Where is your content going to be published?

Think about what platforms you and your desired client use. What would be the best methods to capture your audiences interest?

You have 3 options too choose from, YES you get to decide where you want to share and publish your content. (This is if you are doing for yourself not a brand)

The 3 Types Of Content:

  1. Text
  2. Video
  3. Audio

These are all very powerful methods in conveying your journey and message. Pick what works for you once you’ve mastered it continue to do it and if you have time add a new method in.

I suggest to keep it simple to start with don’t take on too much at once. Remember to practice and if you need to build your confidence in video why not try Facebook Lives as this will help you get use to speaking and talking in front of a camera. Just remember it doesn’t have be perfect but it has got to be YOU! (The authentic You!)

My Struggle:

Don’t stop like I did! I lost valuable time within my business last year because my mindset wasn’t developed enough for me to tackle the task head on. I had personal distractions and I went through a stage of being very low and uncertain of my ability.

I doubted myself and I overthought things that I really didn’t need to. At this point I got a little lost, I pulled back and put the breaks on like you do when you feel uncomfortable. Days went to weeks, you know the rest, months later I hadn’t done anything. I was Frozen and I wasn’t moving forward.

I had to revisit my training serval times to be where I am right now. Do you know what the good thing about this is? I absorbed it and I learnt it more and more each time I went back to revisit it. I broke through my self doubt and fear by taking action, showing up and by pushing myself forward. I proved to myself that I could learn this and do it and that’s exactly what I did.

No excuses here I held myself back and I take full responsibility for it. Hands up I admit it!

Who else hasn’t?

Every part of your journey is another step in the right direction. Believe in yourself, use your knowledge and experience to share and create content confidently.

I hope this ignites you into building your business. Feel free to like and share, Let me know in the comments how this helped you!

All the best,




  1. Great post, Shannon. I totally agree with the 3 types of content, video, audio and text. Choose one which you feel comfortable with before moving on to the next one.

    I look forward to reading your next post.

    Good luck in your business.


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