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Concentration is the key to success


Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well!

In this post I am going to share how I stay focused within my business. This is something that heck still challenges me at times especially when I have lots on all at once. We all have these moments when everything just feels like a battle and all you want to do is switch off but you just can’t. I know I suffered with this massively at the beginning of my journey.

Firstly If you haven’t discovered YOUR WHY. You need to sort this!! Your why is the key to you focusing and channelling that power and energy into your business day in day out. Without your why you are on zero, what are you putting in to your business on zero?

If you need help FINDING YOUR WHY make sure to check out this blog post!

What I’ve found from personal experience is my mobile, any notifications is something that can really distract me from what I’m meant to be doing.

Just putting it out there does anyone else hide their mobile phone while they work?

Sounds a little crazy I know but stay with me.

My background in the beauty industry never really allowed me to use my phone. How times have changed for me now.

I use my mobile and my laptop on a pretty heavy daily basis to make posts, share content and most importantly to make connections. It can sometimes feel like too much, my eyes get a little fried (that’s when I know I need to take a break).

It’s really easy to get a little overloaded with what’s going on elsewhere or distracted with things going on in life.

I have to say it….”It’s a love hate relationship” My phone is a means of connection to my own life as well as my work life, it can be hard because I can’t literally shut it all off.

I find that I can be easily distracted and hate working in public spaces, I like the quiet as it allows me to fully focus and concentrate.

Now this stems from my personality and the fact I’m Dyslexic, I can’t focus when there is background noise, even now I just had to stop an take a delivery, sort the cats out and I had to pause my train of thought.

I HATE having to stop or pause because I can loose where I left my train of thought. Luckily I have tones of note books that I use to help me document everything a bit like a journal so if I do forget I can normal pick up from my notes where I left off.

My top tips for concentration:

  • The basics you need are food and water so that you can fuel yourself (the healthier the better)
  • The room temperature has to be right for you (I can’t stand to be cold and I don’t work well if I’m cold)
  • Plan your non negotiable to do list and tick it off as you go (whatever can’t be achieved make a note of and continue it the next day)
  • Take short breaks throughout your day especially if you plan to be on screens all day. (My peak time is in the morning and late afternoon so I schedule a long break at lunch to allow myself that time to tune out and recoup)
  • Cut the background noises out, find a space that you can focus in. (I’ll admit it can be hard but I tend to change rooms whilst working from home so that I can find the quiet spaces)
  • Minimise your distractions by using air plane mode or just hide your mobile like me.
  • Know YOUR WHY and your END GOAL (Your Why is the driving force to motivate you to step up and make your DREAM LIFE happen!)

Where I hide my phone when I want to get into the flow of work, Who wants to know my answer?

It sounds crazy I know an Affiliate Marketer hiding her mobile phone whatever next.

I currently spend a several hours a week working on my business now I’m aware this may be the slower route but I have to have a work life balance their is no get rich quick everything takes time, it requires my mindset and commitment and concentration.

When I say I have too or need too this is just me, everyone is different but this is something I personally do because without this I wouldn’t have the right attitude I need or the focus and motivation to drive myself forward.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of my phone and this is why I hide it!

Now I could switch it off but I don’t want to be fully disconnected you never know when your going to get that call which is either super important or a family emergency.

My screensaver has a little theme to it and it says: I am Divine, I am connected, I am expressive I am loved I am strong I am creative, I am safe.

I use this to reinforce a positive mind set because it’s something I see so briefly yet so regularly it is everything I am but sometimes I just need a gentle reminder to acknowledge it.

(Secretly I am a BIG hippy who is very much into her powers, her crystals)
My phone can be my biggest distraction as I get messages, emails, calls and posts that can interrupt my thoughts or stop me dead in my tracks.

Out of sight and out of mind is a phrase used when you want to forget or stop thinking about something in your mind for a period of time….well this is exactly what I do!

I hide my phone in the top draw of my desk or if I’m room hopping I will purposely leave it out of sight in a completely different room so I PHYSCIALLY have to get up if I need to use it.

Top tip- Control your work space because it’s your energy hub, only have the things you need or want on it.

It doesn’t matter what your set up looks like it might not even be professional but I’ve been taught by my mentor it’s not all about looks and having the flashy latest gadgets. It’s about working with what you’ve got and what you can afford!

When creating your space think about your comfort levels like room temp, lighting levels I have a big ring light that I use when I do video recordings and Facebook lives. I use my out of date phone (Samsung J5 2016) because it works and I trust it not to let me down!

There’s no need to have the flashiest bits of kit, sure it might be nice to have it but work with what you’ve got and the space you have.

The reason to my madness is to prevent any distractions to my mindset and my thought process. My phone is a powerful device that can take me away from what I’m doing and the FACT is I don’t want to loose TIME!

It’s important to keep consistent and sometimes I struggle with that. I’m only human and I won’t lie because sometimes things do get in the way and it will throw you back.

I’m super excited with where I’m going and whilst juggling life and everything that comes with it I RESPECT everyone who has made their own business, I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone who’s starting their business from scratch it’s a real commitment and achievement when you’re starting your own journey.

I may not be your typical blogger here but I making waves in my own way! I’ll be sharing more soon but for now I hope you have enjoyed my post.

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All the best,



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