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About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Shannon Dry and I have lived in Cambridge for most of my life.

I am currently engaged, I have no children yet but to make up for it I have two cat’s that are secretly the loves of my life (please don’t tell my fiancĂ©).

I started my affiliate journey after reading Dean Holland’s amazing book The Iceberg Effect (If you haven’t read it its worth a read!).

After reading the book and listening to the audio I fell in love with affiliate marketing, I strive to become the best version of myself. I now do it part time as a passion project and I’m super excited to see where this journey takes me.

I started out with very little knowledge but I’ve learnt a whole lot from my mentor, I hope to inspire each and everyone of you so that you receive the type of success you deserve!

A Little Insight From My Past

I have always been very driven when it comes to working and learning unfortunately Maths was never my strong point in school and still to this day it is something I struggle with. I am Dyslexic and my main struggles are with reading and writing. I have learnt to manage this to the best of my abilities which is why I’ve always had to work extra hard to gain good results. After graduating from local secondary I went on to a further education college in Cambridge known as CRC. This is where I studied for three years learning everything about the Beauty Therapy Industry. Since then I have been in this Industry since 2010.

This is me being completely honest I have always struggled to fully settle in my past workplaces, some say it’s to do with my age others say I’m a free spirit. I do believe I can be free spirit but that’s only because I want More! One of my favourite quotes still to this day is “I have the ocean’s soul, I want everything and nothing in perfect harmony, I am chaos” It might be deemed a strange quote, I word it with the word perfect as this is what relates and calls out to me!

My desire to learn and grow is sometimes my own worse enemy when I try to take on too much at once. I have trained and developed so much in my field of work that it now brings me to…

My Journey Now

I have taken the opportunity to step onto a new path with a different venture, this scares me yet excites me at the same time! Courage and Discipline are my key focus points and these help to keep me grounded and allow me to take action.

My words of wisdom to you is…. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & FOLLOW YOUR DREAM, It’s hard to correct a past mindset but once you start to take action you’ll feel the energy within you change.

I now know that I am truly capable of creating and living my dream life. I’m prepared to do what it takes to get me there. (I’m taking action Today, I am holding myself accountable for My Life & My Future!)

Lock Down in the UK started in March 2020, this is a crazy and difficult time for everyone, This has been the biggest eye opener for me. My thoughts lead me to this question of what can I do and how can I achieve this in this uncertain time, This is how I found myself here on this journey.

I will be recording my journey and I will be sharing my advise on what I find works and what doesn’t. I am so lucky to have the most down to earth Mentor that genuinely cares about me as a person not as a number, There is no get rich quick BS here. This is simply me on my journey taking action and blogging about what happens along the way.

Feel free to comment and share

All the best,

Shannon Dry


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